Dynamic Shape: Exercise Gliding Discs-Dual Surface


I just recently reviewed a new product from Dynamic Shape. The product is called Exercise Gliding Discs and you can find them on Amazon for $15.94. I received these Exercise Gliding Discs discounted for my honest review. These discs are great for core and lower body and even upper body exercise! When I got the discs in the mail I got them in a nice nylon carrying bag. The discs are well made and not made with cheap material. The discs are made to work on hardwood and on carpeting. I recommend sweeping before using the disc with a hardwood floor or they will get pretty dirty. For hardwood flooring you put the foam side down and when you are on carpeting you put the foam side up.  I watched the videos on how to use them in exercise, which can be found on youtube. There are a few exercises in the videos that were demonstrated that I personally think would be better off done without the discs, but the majority of the exercises were great and even enhanced the intensity of the exercise! … [Read more...]

Reviewing Your New Year’s Resolutions


I never make New Year's Resolutions. However, when the first of the year comes around, I do start to think about changes that I want to make in my life. I write down a few of these and then tuck them away. Why? January 1st is the absolute worst time for me to make changes! First, the holiday season as just come to a close. It is time to wind down from stress, not heap on more. Second, my son's birthday is in the beginning of January and the kids are going back to school. I don't have time to focus on goals. I have found that March is a great time for goal setting. I have more time to sit down and actually think about things that I want to accomplish for the year. Then I make a big, long list. I further analyze the list and then just focus on 2-3 long term (year long goals) and then a number of short term goals. How to I determine if the goal is resolution worthy? Must be Specific. Making a goal to lose 20 pounds is just not going to cut it. Instead a better goal is to limit … [Read more...]

Give Back by Giving Blood

Donate Blood

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in my first blood drive. In the past I have tried to give blood, but I usually come up a little anemic. This time, I passed the test!  I have a requested blood type (O-), so I know it is important to donate. The Red Cross set up a donation station at our local church building.  Before you are able to give blood, there is a screening process. This screening process is used to determine if there are risk factors that might prevent you from giving blood. Please be honest!  Next, your blood pressure is tested as well as the iron content of your blood (they will prick your finger!). Finally, you are taken to one of the gurneys where they insert a needle (not gonna lie here, it does hurt) and the blood starts flowing! After the blood donation, you will be given juice and cookies and asked to rest for 10-15 minutes. If you want to have the best experience possible, remember these tips before you donate: Before You Donate Drink … [Read more...]

You Know Its Summer When… Slip ‘N Slide


Oh, the lazy days of summer! When I was a little kid growing up in Southern California, there wasn't a summer that we didn't have a Slip 'n Slide. Back in the day, the Slip 'n Slide just consisted of a yellow strip of plastic that could be attached to the hose and staked into the ground. Since that time, Slip 'n Slide has expanded their offerings to include not only plain slides but slides that include landing pools, themes, and double lanes. Slip 'n Slide was first introduced in 1961 by Wham-O after being invented by Robert Carrier. There are different competitors that make different versions still based on the original concept. We have tried various styles over the years, but still come back to the original straight piece of plastic! While there are safety issues regarding this toy (it is not recommended for use for older teens and adults), using the slide properly is a great way for kids to spend the afternoon. Plus, the basic Slip 'N Slide is very affordable. I suggest … [Read more...]