Cabinet Wreaths


I found this idea on Pinterest and I just HAD to do it myself! SO here is my rendition of cabinet wreaths! I have made them all and hung them up on my kitchen cabinets and it really brings the Christmas spirit into my home! Also, this craft only cost 3 dollars! You can find all of these supplies at a dollar store near you! The supplies you'll need: 1. Wired Garland Ties 2. Ribbon 3. Double Sided Tape The first thing you do is take 2 wired garland ties and tie them together to make a small wreath and make several of them, as many as you need for your cabinets. After that it gets really easy! You just measure out the ribbon on your cabinet and see how long you want the ribbon and where you want your wreaths to hang. Make sure that after you measure you give a little extra length so that you can tape the ribbon on the inside of the cabinet and so it will wrap around the wreath itself. Voila! You can hang your wreaths on your cabinets with one sided or … [Read more...]

Snowman Button Ornament


Welcome to another day of Christmas everyday! For this post I will show you a craft I did recently made out of buttons! This is a cute craft that you can do with kids of any age. I really enjoyed this craft and I will probably make more button ornaments, maybe a santa or an elf would be cute too! The supplies: 1. Scissors 2. Ribbon or fabric for scarf 3. String 4. White buttons of various sizes (about 7-10 depending on the desired size of snowman) 5. One red button 6. 3-5 Black buttons (depending on how tall you want the hat) Here is the finished project, I wish I could have taken more pictures so you can visualize it but this craft is super easy and is pretty easy to figure out! I started by putting the buttons in the order that I want. Then I grabbed my string and threaded it through the buttons in the proper order from the bottom up (base of snowman to hat). Once the string is threaded through one of the hole on each of the buttons, I went back and … [Read more...]

Christmas Themes


Christmas time is near! You might be thinking about your tree and where to put it, you're thinking about the ornaments and where they're stored and then you think, hmmm, maybe I want to try something different this year. Maybe you want some new ornaments and maybe you want to give your Christmas a "theme"! So for today's post I wanted to give you all some ideas of what themes you could incorporate for your Christmas this year! My family are really big Harry Potter fans so I looked up some ideas for a Harry Potter themed Christmas!: This Harry Potter Christmas tree is to die for! This picture can give you tons of ideas of how you would dress your own tree at home! You can see a "Ron's sweater" ornament, a Sorting Hat topper, an owl, a deathly hallows symbol, etc.! You can also add all of the house colors especially if your family are all in different houses! These perfectly wrapped presents look exactly like the packages received in Harry Potter! They would be a great … [Read more...]

Holiday Storage and Organization Tips


The holidays are coming up fast and I'm sure that everyone is pulling out boxes upon boxes of decorations and big surprise, everything is in disarray and disorganized. Ornaments are spread put between several different boxes, some of them are broken or cracked. Lights are all in a big, confusing, tangled ball that seems to have no beginning or end. Your fake trees and wreaths are bent and pieces are in different boxes. And as you open your boxes or bags of decorations and see this madness, you can feel your blood pressure start to rise and you feel stressed OUT. The holidays are not supposed to be about stress and madness. Decorating your home with festive decorations should be fun, but it's hard to have fun when you're stressed out! So instead of stressing out this season, take a deep breath and read these tips on how to get organized this Christmas season! Tip #1: Label everything! Having your boxes labeled with what's in them is really important. I also recommend using a … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Berry Wreath


Welcome to Day 3 of The 30 days of Christmas with yours truly and The Shopping Duck! Christmas wreaths are a staple for the Christmas season, but unfortunately they can be really expensive. I decided that instead of buying a Christmas wreath that I would make one this year that I could use for the future. I looked for some ideas on Pinterest and found so many great ideas but the wreath that I liked the most was a holly berry wreath. I think this wreath is really beautiful and classy and I love the vibrant red and green colors. This wreath was super easy to make and I think it turned out really cute! Supplies: An old twig wreath (or a foam wreath form) 7 fake holly berry stocks (you can substitute for real ones) Scissors Wire cutters Twine Hot glue gun (optional) You can get all of these supplies at a thrift store, the dollar store or you're nearest craft store. The first thing that I did was cut off the long bottoms of the fake berry stocks and because … [Read more...]

1st Day of Christmas: DIY Holiday Vase Decor


Welcome to the 1st day of our 30 Days of Christmas post! I want to thank The Shopping Duck again for this amazing collab idea for this Christmas season. We hope that we can give you some great ideas and tips for this upcoming and future Christmases! The first idea of a Christmas decor craft that I had was to do one of those super cute vases with ornaments and such in it that you see all over the place! But, since I am a married college student with a new puppy, I have a pretty tight budget. I thought that there would be no way that I could make something so cute on such a restricted spending limit. I was wrong! I first hit up a thrift store near me called Deseret Industries. Thrift stores are great for finding items in great condition for really cheap prices. After my trip to DI, I headed over to the dollar store near me. Another great place where you can find cute materials in good condition for cheap prices. After both stores, I had everything that I needed to do this … [Read more...]

30 Days of Christmas


Who's pumped for Christmas?! I know I am! I am usually not this pumped about Christmas before Thanksgiving but thanks to The Shopping Duck we will be collaborating on 30 Days of Christmas! Everyday from November 16th to December 16th, we will be taking turns posting crafts, decorations, or holiday treats perfect for the Christmas season. This 30 Days of Christmas post will be updated daily with links to all of the posts! Merry Christmas! Day 1- DIY Holiday Vase Decor: This decoration is really easy to make and you can get all the items you need for cheap! Day 2- Easy DIY Painted Glass Ornaments: These are so easy to make and they are fun for kids too! Use them to decorate a tree or wreath. Day 3- DIY Christmas Berry Wreath: This wreath is really easy, cheap and is a great decoration to have in your home. Day 4- Easy DIY No Sew Pillows: These are so easy to make! Any piece of material will work to give your house a holiday flair. Day 5- Holiday Storage and Organization … [Read more...]

Beauty Lally Make Up Brushes


#makeupbrushes I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I tried almost all of the makeup brushes (I didn't use all of them because I don't use them in my regular makeup routine) and the brushes are really soft and silky. They all have different purposes and each is made very well to do its job. The Beauty Lally Make-up Brushes kit comes with the following: 10 makeup brushes A cylindrical carrying case A compact with a regular mirror and a magnified mirror A pamphlet with a picture and description of each of the brushes Of the brushes I used, I loved. My only critique with this product is that there is no eyeshadow precision brush used to apply different eye colors. There is a base/highlighter eye shadow brush and a blending eye shadow brush. If that brush was in the kit then I would give the product 5/5 stars instead of my rating of 4/5 stars. Overall, these brushes are really soft and great for people just starting with makeup because of the … [Read more...]

Apalus Straightening Brush


#ApalusBrush I received the Apalus Straightening Brush in exchange for my honest review and this product is amazing! I love it! This product is a straightener and a brush in one. I have been using straighteners since I was in high school and I have to say this one is one of the best ones I now own! It is fast and super easy to use and the package is $29.99 (discounted from $39.99) on Amazon! The package includes: The Apalus Straightening Brush A heat resistant glove Hair clips A carrying case A how-to-use manual The Apalus Brush has a fast heat up: 1 minute heat up to 180 degrees F, 3 minutes heat up to max of 450 degrees F. Before using the brush make sure that you have dried and combed through your hair; extreme heat and knots are not a good combination so make sure that you don't use the brush as your primary method for combing through your hair. My hair is already naturally pretty straight, so using the Apalus Brush takes me almost no time at all to get my … [Read more...]

Pinners Conference and Expo


Waddup Pinterest lovers! There is a Pinners Conference and Expo coming up in Salt Lake City, Utah! It will be November 4th and 5th at the Salt Palace Convention Center! There are other locations for those who don't live near Salt Lake City. There will be a conference in Phoenix, Arizona on October 8th and 9th and another one in Atlanta, Georgia on April 21st and 22nd of 2017! Come take classes and learn new skills and see products for purchase from nearly 200 businesses! #pinnersconf #pinnersconfslc @pinnersconf … [Read more...]