Reviewing Your New Year’s Resolutions


I never make New Year's Resolutions. However, when the first of the year comes around, I do start to think about changes that I want to make in my life. I write down a few of these and then tuck them away. Why? January 1st is the absolute worst time for me to make changes! First, the holiday season as just come to a close. It is time to wind down from stress, not heap on more. Second, my son's birthday is in the beginning of January and the kids are going back to school. I don't have time to focus on goals. I have found that March is a great time for goal setting. I have more time to sit down and actually think about things that I want to accomplish for the year. Then I make a big, long list. I further analyze the list and then just focus on 2-3 long term (year long goals) and then a number of short term goals. How to I determine if the goal is resolution worthy? Must be Specific. Making a goal to lose 20 pounds is just not going to cut it. Instead a better goal is to limit … [Read more...]