Raising Independent Children – Five and Six Year Olds

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feed a pet

Five and six year olds are finally out of the toddler stages and enjoy planning!  They can also be real talkers and like to discuss what is going on around them.  They are eager to learn, but can get frustrated if things don’t come easy enough.  At this age, they usually prefer one to two friends at a time, instead of a large group.  This is the age when they can be a bit bossy!

Since they are capable of doing a lot more at these ages, chores and responsibilities should change.  Introduce them to money and let them save and spend.  Have them save for a bigger purchase and it will give them a sense of accomplishment.

Children that are five and six should be able to:

  • Clean/Straighten their own room
  • Take a Shower (teach them how to wash their body and hair)
  • Vacuum small areas
  • Dust
  • Empty garbage cans (with a little help)
  • Set and Clear the Table
  • Help make their own lunch
  • Help load and empty dishwasher
  • Clean sinks
  • Know how to use a microwave
  • Water plants
  • Learn how to use the phone
  • Feed a pet

Giving your five and six year old an allowance, with rules, can teach them financial responsibility.  A good rule of thumb, is one dollar per week per year of age.  A five year old would receive $5 per week.  Have the child save part of the money, give some to charity and leave a little left over for spending.  Here is how my child spilts up his allowance: $1.00 for college savings, $0.50 for charity, $2.50 for spending and then $1.00 to be saved for a big purchase.  If he wants put more money towards the big purchase, he can take money out of spending money.

Try using a fun chore chart that rewards your child as well!

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