#NSXmas Home for the Holidays Sweepstakes Event – $25 Amazon Gift Code

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Welcome to the #NSXmas Home for the Holidays Sweepstakes Event! There are 95 blogs participating and you can win some great prizes. Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Code from Time For All Things and then make sure you hop around and enter to win on the other blogs too! (See list at bottom of post). Plus, you can also enter to win a memory foam mattress from Nature’s Sleep!


Nature’s Sleep carries a variety of products to help you get a blissful night’s sleep from memory foam pillows to memory foam mattresses. You can wake up to a whole new you. Say goodnight to aches and pains while you sleep in sublime comfort and awake feeling refreshed. One lucky continental US winner will be chosen to receive a memory foam mattress from Nature’s Sleep at a max value of $4000 by entering the code word from the blog they entered the sweepstakes on in the Giveaway Tools form below.

My code word is: RED

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  1. A Kindle Fire is on my wish list this year!

  2. Stephanie Phelps says:

    On my wishlist is to win this fantastic mixer I have always wanted one! 🙂

  3. Nicole Larsen says:

    a new dyson is on my wishlist

  4. steve weber says:

    a brand new tent!

  5. Lisa Brown says:

    i have a new handbag on my list

  6. a new lens for my camera

  7. A new purse

  8. I want curtains this year…lol!

  9. Leah Lucas says:

    A new pair of Dr. Marten boots

  10. If I were to make a wish list, a Silhouette Cameo would definitely be #1.

  11. I would love to get a new lens for my camera.

  12. A new microwave. Mine is slowly dying.

  13. lisagee1234 says:

    A minivan :o)

  14. I’d like Dave Bidini’s book KEON AND ME.

  15. Pauline Milner says:

    I am very blessed in that I do not really need anything. I will ask my Husband for some books and a few jar candles from Yankee and Diamond Candles. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  16. Allison Downes says:

    An iphone

    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  17. photography strobes

  18. I need a new mouse for the computer.

  19. Hello, I would like a good 50mm lens for my camera. Would love the 1.2 but it is so expensive so the 1.4 would do. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  20. A new laptop is on my wish list.

  21. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I would love a Samsung note 3

  22. this holiday season i want a tablet

  23. I’d like a new purse!

  24. Andrea Williams says:

    I would love a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  25. My dream gift is a new digital camera.

  26. Patty Hancock says:

    A Ninja blender

  27. Brandi Price says:

    Really want a Tablet for our son.

  28. Don’t really have one 🙁 no time to think about it I guess and already so fortunate !

  29. I’ve been wanting a Dyson fan/heater.

  30. jodi frasier/lasher says:

    I have a king size bed set on my wish list this year. Really really need a new set.. Thanks for the giveaway

  31. stephanie says:

    i want gift cards

  32. A Keurig

  33. I want a new DSLR camera.

  34. A kindle!!

  35. I would love a KitchenAid Mixer for Christmas.

  36. Jessica Snow says:

    I honestly didn’t make a wishlist. Maybe I should, though I’m honestly just happy when everyone else is.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  37. robyn donnelly says:

    I would wish for a white christmas to make some snowcream.

  38. Lauren O. says:

    Would love a Keurig this Christmas.

  39. A new mattress is on my wish list.

  40. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I have an Ipad or tablet on my wishlist this year

  41. I’d really like to get a set of silverware. Ours are pretty run down/.

  42. I would love a new Gretsch guitar.

  43. Entangled: For Everything There is a Key dvd

  44. I don’t really have a wishlist! I need some everyday clothes, I’d love a satchel! That’s about it, really!

  45. I want a stand mixer

  46. Terra Heck says:

    My wishlist includes Tassimo coffee discs and tights and leggings. Thanks.

  47. richelle bowers says:

    I want a dyson vacuum

  48. I have a Kindle Fire on my wish list this year.

  49. Wendy Lindsey says:

    I’d love to have a chromebook for school! 😀

  50. Julia Cosgrove says:

    I just want our family to have a good holiday.

  51. Ashley oxner says:

    makeup is on my wishlist

  52. I would love a new camera !


  53. Anna Memphis says:

    I moved recently so I’m looking for a chair and TV!

  54. Mary Gardner says:

    I’d love a new handbag!

  55. Cheryl Grandy says:

    This year my wish list includes a new Crock Pot and some clothes.

  56. john hutchens says:

    Klim riding gear is on my wish list

  57. Velvet Hubler says:

    A Keurig is on my wishlist this year

  58. I’d like a new laptop!

  59. Michele H. says:

    I’d like a new flat screen TV.

  60. Ashley Fryer says:

    A new vacuum is on my wish list.

  61. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I really want boots and perfume!

  62. Xbox one

  63. new coat

  64. A sewing machine.

  65. Susan Smith says:

    I’d love a new laptop

  66. need some new pants, too cold for shorts now!

  67. Thomas Murphy says:

    I want an ipad.

  68. Georgia Beckman says:

    On my wishlist is a chaise for our library.

  69. A new car! Well, maybe a new phone.
    Thanks for the contest.

  70. Nicole Carter says:

    I wish for a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

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