Dynamic Shape: Exercise Gliding Discs-Dual Surface


I just recently reviewed a new product from Dynamic Shape. The product is called Exercise Gliding Discs and you can find them on Amazon for $15.94. I received these Exercise Gliding Discs discounted for my honest review. These discs are great for core and lower body and even upper body exercise! When I got the discs in the mail I got them in a nice nylon carrying bag. The discs are well made and not made with cheap material. The discs are made to work on hardwood and on carpeting. I recommend sweeping before using the disc with a hardwood floor or they will get pretty dirty. For hardwood flooring you put the foam side down and when you are on carpeting you put the foam side up. ¬†I watched the videos on how to use them in exercise, which can be found on youtube. There are a few exercises in the videos that were demonstrated that I personally think would be better off done without the discs, but the majority of the exercises were great and even enhanced the intensity of the exercise! … [Read more...]