Who Makes the Food You Eat?

fruits and vegetables

I was recently sent this inforgraphic and I thought I would share it. Did you know that only a few companies make most of the food that you find in your grocery store? Why not try out a local farmer's market for some of your food items? I just signed up for a local share program from Tagge's Fresh Fruits. This local farm delivers shares of fresh fruits and vegetables to a central point in my city. I just have to pick it up once a week starting in July. What a great way to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Provided by finances online | Chris Sibbet | Our Google+ … [Read more...]

20 Great Recipes for Cinco de Mayo


Growing up in Southern California made me a big fan of Mexican and Tex Mex food! There was a shop not far from our house that made hand made tortillas. They also expanded their tortilla shop and started to sell enchiladas, tacos and tamales for the lunch crowd. This was the best Mexican food that I ever ate. After moving away from So Cal, I found it hard to find great Mexican food, so I started making my own. No crunchy taco shells for me! They had to be corn tortillas, fried in a pan of oil with shredded beef seasoned just right. Over the years, I have looked for other great Mexican/Tex Mex recipes and recently I asked a few of my blogging friends their favorites as well. Enjoy these great recipes for Cinco De Mayo! Starters: Queso Fundido with Soy Chorizo Salsa de Aguacate - Avocado Salsa Mango Salsa Creamy Avocado Dip Recipe Homemade Tortilla Chips in the Microwave Mini Chicken Chimichangas Appetizer Recipe Side Dishes: Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread Mexican … [Read more...]

Easy Orange Chicken Dinner for Busy Moms

Orange Chicken Dinner

While I am trying to cook more with non-packaged ingredients, there comes a time in every busy mom's day when she realizes that she is just running out of time! My kids are involved in many after school and church activities and this makes dinner time a rushed event. One of my daughter's favorite meals in orange chicken. Usually she is begging me to stop at our local Chinese Restaurant to pick her up a box. This time, I decided to see if I could make orange chicken that she would like and that would take me 20 minutes or less. At our local supermarket (Smith's) I found a bag of pre-cooked Orange Chicken by Foster Farms. Normally, we don't like the packaged frozen chicken, but we hadn't tried this one and I thought we would give it a go. Here is the meal plan and schedule for my quick and easy Orange Chicken Dinner: Pre-heat oven to 400 F. Choose rice of choice and follow instructions. In my case, I boiled the water and rice and set the timer for 20 minutes. Cover cookie … [Read more...]

Leftover Halloween Candy – Candy Chocolate Cream Pie

Using Leftover Halloween Candy - Candy Chocolate Cream Pie

Halloween is over and now you have a whole bucket full of leftover Halloween candy. While at first, this seems like heaven, it becomes old really quickly! Just the sight of miniature candy bars makes my stomach go into knots. What do you do with leftover Halloween candy? Here are a few quick ideas: The Trashcan is your friend! Throw away half of the candy. You will feel better later. Take it to work. Coworkers love all those sweets, don't they? Freeze it. I find that I can use Butterfingers, M&Ms and other chocolate candies in desserts or milkshakes and sundaes throughout the year. Make it healthier. Mix small candies with nuts, dried fruit, raisins and more to make a trail mix. Save it for Thanksgiving. Put out some pretty jars and containers and put your candies out for your guests. Store some in your car. Every so often, we need a quick pick me up when we are out running errands, attending soccer games or other events. Decorate a Gingerbread House. Save … [Read more...]