12 Days of Christmas DIY – Organization

Organized Christmas

This is the second day of my 12 Days of Christmas DIY. I have scoured Pinterest and found so many cool and fun crafts and DIY projects just for Christmas. Today is all about Organization. I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle with organization. There is nothing more stressful than not having things organized. This year, I tried to find some great organization ideas for Christmas. The first thing I do it print out a calendar using Word. They have many templates and themes. I write in all the concerts, parties and activities that we are involved in. Then I had drop dead dates to make and send Christmas cards, purchase or make teacher gifts and service projects. This keeps me at least on the right track for the season. Here are some of my favorite organization projects that I have found for Christmas on Pinterest: … [Read more...]

12 Days of Christmas DIY – Advent Calenders


This is the first day of my 12 Days of Christmas DIY! I have scoured Pinterest and found so many cool and fun crafts and DIY projects just for Christmas. Today is all about Advent Calendars. Its not to late to start and Advent Calendar. Over the years we have made many different calendars. Some were very simple, some were a little more elaborate. Last year I made one that feature pictures of Christ with related scriptures. Making Advent Calendars is a fun family activity and is sure to get the whole family involved. Below are my favorite advent calendars that I have pinned to my Pinterest Board. Make sure you check them out and have fun making an Advent Calendar with your family! … [Read more...]

Five Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Shopping Duck - Candy Bar Sayings Card

Valentine's Day is tomorrow - did you remember? This year I am way ahead of the game! I ordered treats for my older daughter and husband and bought cute gifts for my two younger kids. I am not always so prepared though! Here are some of my favorite last minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas that are easy and fun to put together: Make a Candy Bar Card - These cards are easy to make and fun too! Make one for your significant other or for your kids. Included are a list of candy bars with appropriate sayings so you don't have to do the thinking. Love Notes Jar - Cut up strips of paper or cardstock and write down what you love him or her! Get the kids involved too. Add some treats and put it all in a mason jar. The notes can be opened up during the year making this gift last. Doughnut Holes - Grab a paper bag and add in some doughnut holes. Then print out this free printable and you have a quick and easy gift! Stud Muffin - Go to your local grocery store or bakery and buy a … [Read more...]

Valentines Treats for Kids: Lollipop Covers

Valentines Treats Lollipop Covers

Looking for a last minute Valentine's Day idea for your child's classroom? These Valentines Treats are sure to please. Four different design featuring a snail, grasshopper, ladybug and bee. Simply print off the sheets onto paper or cardstock and then staple or use double sided tape or a tape runner to glue together on three sides. Insert a lollipop, sucker or pencil and you have the perfect treat for your child's friends! You can download these cute printables here. … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Boxes: Tissue Box Craft

Valentines Day Box

This year my son's teacher emailed us and let us know that each student should be prepared to bring in a mailbox for Valentines Day. I searched for some ideas for Valentines Day Boxes and eventually came up with my own idea. This Valentines Day Box, made from a tissue box, is easy to make and can be used for treats as well. Materials Needed: Tissue Box (preferably the rectangular box that open on the top) Tissue Paper in various colors Glue (I used a glue stick) Mod Podge Foam Brush Valentine's Day Stickers (mine are from Hobby Lobby) Instructions: Cut the tissue paper into small squares, triangles and other shapes. Glue the tissue paper to the empty tissue box, overlapping the pieces as you go. You can also fold over pieces to reach around corners. Using a foam brush, mod podge the tissue box. This ensures that all the pieces will stay on the box. Let dry. Add Valentine's Day Stickers to the box. Cut a piece of tissue paper to fit inside the box. You can … [Read more...]

{Homemade Gifts} Valentines Day Heart

Homemade Gifts Valentines Day Heart

I love to make homemade gifts for Valentines Day. This Valentines Day Heart is a scented, stuffed heart that you can make with a sewing machine or by hand.  Plus, it is easy to make from scraps of materials. Materials: Four Scraps of cotton material in different colors or patterns. You should have two pieces that each measure about 8" x 10". 8" x 10" piece of Pellon Wonder-Under Stuffing - about two handfuls Scented Oil (you can find this in the candle making section of your local craft store). Ribbon - two pieces that measure about 12" long each. Heart Pattern (click on link to download) Sewing Machine OPTIONAL - for hand sewing, an embroidery needle and embroidery floss. Instructions: Cut out the heart pattern on the outside lines only. If you want a slightly smaller heart, you could cut out the heart pattern on the inside line of the heart. Do not cut the heart about on the inner lines yet. Pin the pattern to one of the larger pieces of material and … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

I needed to make a new Christmas Wreath for my front door. I didn't want to use traditional colors and I was looking to use blues and silvers since that is how I decorated the tree this year. At Target, I was able to find small blue plastic sphere ornaments, glittered pinecones and ribbon. I then picked up a plain green wreath at Michaels. This project was easy and only took me about ten minutes to make! Easy DIY Christmas Wreath Materials: Small Ornaments Ornament hooks in silver or green Battery operated lights Wired Ribbon Other decorations such as glittered pinecones Instructions: 1. I started with the ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath loosely. I then made a separate bow and attached it to the side of the wreath. 2. Add the small ornaments and other decorations using ornament hooks. 3. Wrap around the lights and hide the box on the back of the wreath. I tucked mine into the ribbon in the back to hold it in place. At night, the lights really shine! … [Read more...]

DIY Mercury Glass Spheres

DIY Mercury Glass Spheres

I love Christmas decorations and one of my favorite items this year is the Mercury Glass Spheres that I have seen on one of the shopping channels. These glass spheres comes in a set of three and usually run around $50.00. However, I just didn't want to spend that much and I wondered if I could make something similar. I knew that I wouldn't be able to find round spheres for my DIY project, but I did find these round glass vases. Yes, they do have a flat bottom, but that was alright with me. The project took me only a total of ten minutes to complete and the results were amazing! Materials: Three Glass bowls/vases Elmer's White Glue Sponge Paintbrush Fine Glitter (I used silver) Water Lights or battery operated candle tea lights Instructions: 1. Mix 2 Tablespoons of glue with 1 Tablespoon of water. This will make it easy to apply to your glass bowls. 2. Apply the glue mixture inside the glass bowls making sure you cover all the surfaces. 3. Pour glitter … [Read more...]

12 Days of Christmas DIY – FREE Printable

12 days of Christmas Printable

One of my favorite songs for Christmas is The Twelve Days of Christmas. I thought it would be fun to make a poster that I could hang on my wall with all of the lyrics from the song.  This project is so easy and only takes about 10 minutes to complete (not including drying times). I made this printable with a chalkboard background that you can download for free! Just click on the link and then right click and Save. Materials: 11" x 14" Canvas from your local craft store or 11" x 14" piece of wood. Black Paint Sponge Paint Brush Glue Texture Cream or Mod Podge FREE Printable Instructions: 1. Download the free printable and print at your local Walmart or other store that offers printing services. The print is formatted for 11" x 14" so make sure you pick that print size. The total cost is usually around $5 to $6. 2. Make sure that the print fits the canvas or wood. I found the canvas is not a true 11" x 14" so I had to trim about 1/8" around on all sides of the print. … [Read more...]

Christ Centered Advent Calendar

Christ Centered Advent Calendar

We love Advent Calendars at our house. Each year we have at least two that we hang up. Often I find ones with treats or toys that my kids love. This year, I decided to make an Christ Centered Advent Calendar that focuses on the reason for Christmas - Christ. I based my idea on this one that I found at Sunlight Pages. Materials: Wood Board Pictures of Christ 2" x 2" wood squares (about 1/4" thick) Scrapbook Paper Glue White Cardstock Scrapbook Paper with Advent Numbers Paint Sponge Paintbrush Clear small velcro circles Foam Letters Instructions: 1. I found the perfect wood board at The Wood Connection. This Slat Sign Tall is 11.25" wide by 17.75" tall and is 0.75" deep. The board is cut with grooves making it great for an advent calendar. I painted the board Charcoal (Delta Ceramcoat). 2. Cut up the Scrapbook Paper with Advent Numbers (Echo Paper Tis The Season Line) into individual numbers. After the numbers are cut, you may need to adjust the sizes. I … [Read more...]